Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of criminal investigators who are involved in general investigations ranging from criminal damage to homicide, they also have sub-specialties with specialized training in the following areas: investigate homicide, attempted homicide, aggravated assaults, deaths with suspicious circumstances, and armed robberies. Detectives utilize all available resources and investigative techniques to solve crimes, track down and apprehend suspects, accomplices and fugitives.


These investigators are assigned to the department’s Domestic Violence Response Unit. They investigate any crime of domestic violence that have aggravating circumstances and work in conjunction with the prosecutor’s office to bring the case to a successful conclusion. These Investigators are also assigned to several Domestic Violence Task Forces that combat domestic violence.

The San Luis Police Department Sex Crimes Detectives investigate indecent exposure, public sexual indecency, sexual abuse, and sexual conduct with a minor, sexual assault of adults & children, sexual assault with a spouse, molestation of a child, possession of child pornographic material and sexual exploitation of minors under the age of 18.

Both of these websites are update constantly and offer the best information to people who want to conduct research on sexual offender and or crimes against children.


Miguel AlvarezLieutenant Alvarez has been with the police department for 11 years. Lieutenant Alvarez’s previous assignments have included being a Police Corporal, Patrol Officer, Public Information Officer and School Resource Officer. Lieutenant Alvarez is a General Instructor and a Field Training Officer. Lieutenant Alvarez holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and a Masters in Administration of Justice and Security with a concentration in Law Enforcement Organizations. Lt. Alvarez completed the FBI-LEEDA Executive Leadership course. Lieutenant Alvarez currently serves the community as a college Adjunct Professor within the Administration of Justice Studies program at Arizona Western College, and as a certified AZPOST basic police academy instructor (LETA). Lieutenant Alvarez is a graduate of the Arizona Western College Law Enforcement Training Academy (LETA).

Miguel Alvarez


Marco SantanaSergeant Santana is a 13 year veteran of the police department. Sergeant Santana’s previous assignments have included being a Patrol Officer, School Resource Officer, Field Training Officer, Motor Officer and Police Sergeant. Sergeant Santana is assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division. Sergeant Santana is a Public Information Officer, Field Training Coordinator, AZPOST Basic Police Academy Instructor, AZPOST Driver Instructor and High Risks Stops Instructor. Sergeant Santana graduate from Northern Arizona University and currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Sergeant Santana is a graduate of the Arizona Western College Law Enforcement Training Academy (LETA).

Marco Santana


Ernesto Prieto

Ernesto Prieto