Tuesday 2:00pm to 4:00pm by appointment only.
Closes for City Observed Holidays
 1030 E. Union St.
 P.O.Box 3720 | San Luis, AZ 85349

The San Luis Police Department provides public fingerprinting services to citizens.

You must supply your own blank fingerprint card, obtainable from your employer, the Arizona Department of Public Safety or the agency that is requiring you to be fingerprinted.

Mandatory/Arrest fingerprinting is also done at the police department, for our cases only. Refer to your Mandatory Fingerprint Compliance Form for more information.

The San Luis Police Department is not authorized to fingerprint any individual for Immigration & Naturalization Services.

  • Cost is $8.00 per fingerprint card
  • Payment can be made by credit/debit or exact change only.
  • A valid government issued ID is required to be fingerprinted
  • Fingerprint cards are not provided by the police department, you must bring your own
  • You may obtain fingerprint cards from the Department of Public Safety by calling (602) 223-2279 or by visiting for additional information.
  • Fingerprinting will not be done for Immigration purposes