School Resource Officer

Safe Schools Program

Officer Ruiz and Officer Hemmer are currently assigned as the School Resource Officers for San Luis High School. Officers provide awareness in drug safety, gangs, and school violence to the students at San Luis High School.

Officer Ruiz and Officer Hemmer maintain a close partnership with school administrators in order to provide a safe school environment. Officer Ruiz and Officer Hemmer also work closely with the school staff and assist school administrators in emergency crisis planning and building security matters. Officers provides a course of training for school personnel in handling crisis situations, which may arise at the school and be visible during school hours.

As of 2014, San Luis High School has over 2,700 students attending. Officers have a very difficult but unique task of getting to know almost all of the 2,700 students that attend San Luis High School. Both officers have gained the trust of students and have been able to build a very good working relationship with school officials.

For any questions please contact Officer Hemmer or Officer Ruiz  at the numbers listed below.

School Resource Officer

San Luis High School 928-502-6100
San Luis Police Department 928-341-2420

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