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Fraudulent/SCAM Phone Calls

pd taking a call

The San Luis Police Department is warning the community about numerous fraudulent telephone calls that were made and reported on Wednesday September 28, 2016. There were over eight calls reported to the SLPD yesterday morning.

One resident of San Luis, AZ reported the caller, having a Mexican accent, claimed to have one of their family members kidnapped. The caller was requesting an amount of money for the safe return of the family member.

A different call reported a male subject, also with Mexican accent, pleading for help and requesting money in exchange for the safety of the family member. Additionally, San Luis Police Dispatch received a call regarding this same issue. The number that appeared in the caller ID had a prefix of 333-XXX-XXXX.

IRS scams are also currently happening where supposedly an IRS agent is requesting payment for overdue taxes. If the money is not paid immediately, victims are told they will be arrested. IRS calls usually request the payment either on prepaid cards or wire transfers.

SLPD is asking citizens to not disclose any personal information if they suspect the call to be suspicious.

It is also being asked that citizens make every attempt possible to contact family members first to know about their whereabouts instead of wiring or sending money out.

Anyone receiving a telephone call requesting any type of payment should refuse the demand and report the scam to the San Luis Police Department at 928-341-2420.

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