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SLPD to Continue with its Boxing Program

The San Police Department is currently undergoing reorganization for all of its community relations programs. This process is part of the new strategy of Chief of Police, Craig P. Higgins Jr. and in accordance to the 21st Century Policing developed by the Presidential Task Force which is a combination designed to help bring the community closer to the department.

One of those programs that has been previously endorsed by the San Luis Police Department is the San Luis Police Activities/Athletics League Inc., or otherwise known as San Luis PAL. The history of this program and police department dates back to October 29, 1999 when former retired Chief of Police John Miranda served as the Incorporator/Director for the San Luis PAL, non-profit organization.

Chief Higgins believes “that positive community policing programs should consistently be reviewed to ensure that the needs of a growing community are attended to with the utmost inclusion in mind, to promote success and transparency as a police organization.”

The San Luis Police Department in conjunction with the City of San Luis Parks and Recreation Department, is supporting the former San Luis PAL boxing program, by taking the initiative of creating a program within the Parks and Recreation department, called Parks and Recreation Police Activities Boxing Club, which will carry on the tradition of keeping kids in the gym and out of trouble. The department is currently working on establishing a new Police Athletics League, where community members will have the opportunity to serve as board members of the non-profit organization to better attend to the growing needs of local youths.

Chief Higgins said that the department will be seeking out members of the community that may want to help create the new non-profit as members.  “One of the most important responsibilities we face is forming community trust, the community needs police officers to have a partnership with the community and not just arrest everybody.  We must reconnect with public, especially our children”.

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