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SLPD Press Statement

Yesterday July 24, 2018, the San Luis Police Department received a complaint by David Lara concerning a request for an investigation of Mayor Gerardo Sanchez alleging improper influence of an investigation of a police officer based on another complaint by Mr. Lara. “As Chief, I would certainly know if an investigation which is supervised by me is being improperly influenced.” “At no time has Mayor Sanchez ever attempted to influence any investigation, much less the one in question. As the complaint is baseless at its core, there is no action to be taken.” “If Mr. Lara feels a crime has been committed, he is perfectly free to file that complaint with either the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office or the Department of Public Safety. But since it is believed that this is being done solely for political publicity, this department sees no reason to be involved. The department’s information reports on this matter are a public record.”

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