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San Luis, Arizona – Parking will be easier in Downtown San Luis! The City of San Luis will implement a Pay by Plate pay station in the next few months, allowing patrons to pay in various forms, quarters, cards, or via a downloadable Park Smarter application.

The Pay by Plate pay station will be located on the east side of the 500 block of Main Street, right across the street from McDonald’s, and will serve all the parking spots on the 500 block of Main Street (east and west), the east 600 block of Main Street, and the 600 block of B Street (north and south). Parking spaces out of this area will remain with the current parking system.

With the implementation of the Pay by Plate, current curb parking meters will be removed and will be relocated to other areas throughout the City of San Luis where metered parking is needed, including:

  • B Street between William Brooks Ave to Cesar Chavez Street
  • 2nd Avenue between B Street and C Street

The parking rate will remain at $.50 per hour with a five-hour maximum limit between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Traffic enforcement operations will continue pursuant to the San Luis City Code, Title 10, Chapter 15.

Once the installation is completed, more detailed information will be released. Residents and community members are encouraged to continue using the designated drop-off zone on Urtuzuastegui Street for the drop-off or pick-up of passengers.

To view the City Code, please visit

For more information on the pay-to-park stations or the parking meters, please contact the San Luis Police Department at (928) 341-2420 or visit their website at

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