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Arizona Department of Homeland Security awarded $51,300 to SLPD

San Luis, AZ – The San Luis Police Department (SLPD) was awarded a $51,300 grant by the State of Arizona Department of Homeland Security under the FFY 2011 Operation Stonegarden Program Award.  The SLPD will be able to obtain a mobile data computer (MDC) and a 4X4 patrol vehicle to help support the Department of Homeland Security’s mission of reducing border patrol crimes.

The equipment awarded will help the San Luis Police Department close smuggling corridors that also serve as potential entry avenues for criminals of illegal origin and other risks to the community of San Luis and throughout Yuma County.

Currently, the SLPD does not count with an assigned vehicle for these special operations. Our area of responsibility is primarily arid desert. This 4X4 patrol vehicle along with the MDC will be especially helpful for conducting operations and tracking any illegal crossings and traffic flow in those areas.

With the continued support of the Department of Homeland Security, the SLPD has been able and will continue to help prevent the use of routes of egress along the Arizona Border and support the priority mission of anti-terrorism, detection, arrest, prosecution, deterrence and intelligence gathering related to all cross border illicit trafficking.

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