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San Luis PD will increase Patrols for Thanksgiving Holiday

The San Luis Police Department will be conducting enhance traffic enforcement patrols this Thanksgiving Holiday. SLPD will begin intensified patrols on Wednesday November 26th and will continue intensified patrols throughout the weekend.

The SLPD wants to make sure that drivers on the road travel safely to their destination and want to ensure the safety of other as well.  Officers will be looking for signs of impaired driving and other traffic violations. Officers will also have a zero tolerance on drivers who show signs of driving under the influence and/or any drug consumption to include juveniles and adults. Appropriate enforcement measures will be taken to those identified of alcohol and/or drugs.

SLPD officers will be working the DUI Enforcement and Selective Traffic Enforcement Program details which are funded by the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. The DUI Enforcement is to deter and prevent impaired driving within our jurisdiction.  The STEP Enforcement is to deter aggressive driving and focus on speeding. The SLPD’s commitment to these details is to reduce the number of speeding incidents and diminish the number of alcohol related traffic incidents. The SLPD’s officers are committed to make this holiday season as safe as possible for our community and those travelling though the city.

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