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San Luis PD Officers Now Using Body Cameras

The San Luis Police Department has equipped 20 patrol officers with body-worn cameras that were recently purchased. The cameras will be helpful when citizens file complaints on officers, improve evidence for arrests, using them as a training tool and on officers’ everyday police patrol practices. The body-worn cameras will result in improved behavior on both police officers and citizens.

The new body cameras have proven already effective in several cases in which the officer is able to record key evidence right away. The SLPD will now be able to review the body camera footage and see if the officer conducted any improper behavior with the public.

The police department currently has dash cameras mounted inside the patrol vehicles. Those dash cameras only record where the vehicle is pointing to. “The disadvantage of the vehicle cameras is that they do not record the actions of the officer and the suspect once they are away from the vehicle camera point of view. Officers are now able to record their actions once they are away from the vehicle with these new body cameras.” said Lieutenant Victor Figueroa.

The cameras have been in use for a month now and the plan is to have all officers equipped with a body camera by 2015.

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