Governor’s Office of Highway Safety awards $22,000 to San Luis Police Department

San Luis, AZ – The Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety awarded the San Luis Police Department (SLPD) $22,000 in grants for fiscal year 2018. This grant will allow the department to enhance DUI Alcohol Enforcement and Selective Traffic Enforcement.

The SLPD obtained $10,000 to enhance our DUI Alcohol Enforcement effort throughout the City of San Luis. Through this grant, patrol officers will be able to focus on impaired drivers during busy holiday seasons and try to make the roadways as safe as possible.

In addition, the SLPD also obtained funds in the amount of $12,000 to focus on Selective Traffic Enforcement. The personnel services awarded through this grant will allow officers to patrol the areas were speeding and aggressive driving has been reported.

The San Luis Police Department, through the help of the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, has been able to continue to reduce serious injuries and deaths by arresting impaired drivers and enforce traffic laws during the holidays and long weekends. This year’s award will allow the SLPD to increase its enforcement within our jurisdiction.

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